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FDA Approved Pain Killer

Tramadol also called an opioid is a specific narcotic medicine that is approved by the FDA in USA to treat severe and moderate pain in adults. It is not approved for the use of children aged 17 and younger.

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FDA Approved pain medication

Tramadol is an opioid analgesic medication that is been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States which is used to treat severe and moderate pain to the adults. It is not yet proved for the use of children aged 17 and the younger.

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What is Tramadol?

Tramadol is a kind of drug which belongs to the class of opioids analgesic drugs. The medication works through by altering the way in your body senses for the pain and the tenderness in the central nervous system (CNS). This pain relieving medication is categorized as the depressant and anaclitic. Tramadol hydrochloride HCL is the active ingredient of this drug and that could be the combined with the acetaminophen and even prescribed in the type of the pills. When this pain-relieving medication is prescribed for the medical purpose then the available dosages are considered to be 100, 70, 50 and 37.5mg and those dosage levels are considered to be the most prescribed dosage level. Does Tramadol need the prescription? The answer is going to be yes. In the matter of fact, this drug is brought without the doctor prescription then it is said to be illegal at the counter. But this medication is available at the over the counter medication on many online Tramadol online pharmacies. You can even order Tramadol online at our online pharmacy at the cheapest price legally.

Is Tramadol narcotic? The answer to this question could be varying. However, it still produces the effects of which many people have liked it. But uncertainty, many individuals are getting into the drug abuse. Even if it may not be the narcotic, still it could be the addictive even if you are taking the other medications.

What is Tramadol used for?

Tramadol is the man-made opioid that is being utilized mainly to cure the moderate to severe pain. Also, this medication could also be used for the conditions such as

–    Back pain

–    Fibromyalgia

–    Nerve disorders

–    Acid reflux

–    Headaches

–    Restless leg syndrome

–    Osteoarthritis

–    Spinal Stenosis

At present Tramadol is being tested for the use in obsessive-compulsive disorder and even the men’s health disorder such as premature ejaculation as well.

How do Tramadol works?

So this drug works by the dealing out of the pain signals that travel between the brain and the nerves. Thought it has the lot of different paths those targets to the nervous system-every target that imparting the involvements to the pain that relieving and often mood changing properties etc. The two major common effects of the drug would be regarded as the most significant ease of pain that is well encouraging the abuse.

  1. Like other opioids and other heroin analgesics, the Tramadol drug is also connecting to the opioid receptors in the spinal cord and the brain. Those receptors are the responsible for the pain-relieving effects which the patients are suffering.
  2. The second most wanted mechanism of this drug which it arguments the level of the neurotransmitters, norepinephrine and the serotonin which is identical to the antidepressant medication such as the Effexor. Those effects of the drugs on the norepinephrine and the serotonin signals in your brain is believed to be partly accountable for the drug capability to minimize the depressive and the obsessive-compulsive signs of the people who are taking it. The effect of this drug on the mood disorders might cause the number of the patients to consume this drug in the higher doses than the prescribed, leads to the addiction.

Who manufactures Tramadol?

Nowadays a lot of drug manufacturing companies produces this pain relieving medication, Tramadol, on the other hand, the most reliable and the dependable manufactures of the Tramadol medication is Janssen pharmaceuticals who designed this medication under the brand name Ultram. This medication is one of the high-cost medication in the United States but the Indian brand OL-TRAM which is been manufactured by the HAB pharma is the cheaper alternative. You are ready to buy the cheap Tramadol, OL-TRAM 100mg or OL-TRAM 50 on our pharmacy. Since we could sell this cheap branded medication and however it your choice to choose the medication which depends on the level of the pain that the patient has. So if you are planned to buy cheap Tramadol then heading towards our online pharmacy is the wiser choice.

Research on the Tramadol

The latest research and the study show that this drug would be the capability of treating the osteoarthritis in the most of the cases when the patient has to take up this drug for the 3 months. By using this drug, the patient with this disorder would notice the decrease in the soreness, stiffness and the enhancements in the function of the limb. Despite this the wonderful benefits, the patients still will the experience the considerable effects which will then prompt them to stop taking this drug.

Being considering all the bad side effects, the patients who may not have a lot of capabilities can still try this drug. The analgesic is the recommended for the serious pain. Still, there might be the possibility for the patient to suffer the transient as well in the mind of the harmful side effects. The suggested choice for this pain relieving drug is that to give ailment for the case to case basic choices.

Tramadol for Pain relief

Is Tramadol being good for the pain reliever? The answer is said to be yes. These days lot of doctors is recommending this drug to treat the mild to serious pain. You might have prescribed this drug to take on the daily basis for you when it is required to ease the pain. You should be ensuring that which one is known as the best for you. Anyhow the suggested Tramadol dosage for the back pain is depending on the severity of the pain that you had. So it is recommended to contact your doctor in order to procure the right Tramadol dosage.

Several researchers reveal that this drug would work for the many types of the pain. For example, Tramadol is been shown to be safe and efficient when administering for rheumatoid arthritis, restless leg syndrome(RLS), and even other additional illness which you can trigger the pain.

There are some factors that need to consider when taking the Tramadol medication as it comes with the some of the harmful effects which can take the account of nausea, feeling dizziness. You have to ask your physician for some of the suggestion prior to drinking of the alcohol using the drug for the pain relief.

For some occurrences, your doctor might suggest you to stop taking the alcohol while taking the Tramadol medication and this is the fact that it can increase the chances of harmful effects like feeling the dizziness, as well as sleepy.

Tramadol – Narcolepsy

As you might know that the Narcolepsy is a sleep disorder in that which the brain is not able to capable of regulating the body’s sleep-wake cycles. People who are experienced the narcolepsy might have felt that the vivid urge to get the sleep at any time of the whole day. Mostly, those who are suffering from the narcoleptic will sleep adequately any time of the day even for a couple of seconds or minutes. There are some of the serious cases in which the patients with the narcoleptic will keep asleep for just an hour.

The best thing about this pain reliever opposed to the other forms of the pain treatment is that is proven to assist with the help of effects of narcolepsy. Even if an additional study of the matter is needed, the initial researchers alongside the clinical tests reveal that this pain relieving drug offers much-needed relief to combat the narcolepsy. It is advised to keep in mind that this drug would be generally utilized for curing the pain sensation. However, due to the fact that the boost serotonin, it also provides the amazing advantages for those who experiencing from the narcolepsy.

Tramadol – chemical composition and dosage level

Generally, Tramadol medication can be combined with two analgesics one is opioids and Tramadol hydrochloride. The chemical name of Tramadol hydrochloric is cis-2-[(dimethylamino)methyl]-1-(3- methoxyphenyl) cyclohexanol hydrochloride.

Tramadol dosage will be based on the stages of the pain that the person had and how the person is responding to the medication. Your doctor would begin with the low dosage level and can slowly increase your dosage level which will works for you the best.

The doctor would likely, to begin with, 25mg every day since this is usual dosing schedule that is giving to somebody when they begin the treatment. After sometimes it may increase the separate doses of 25 milligrams every three days to reach the highest dose of 100 milligrams per day or in the cycle of 25 milligrams four times in a day. All of the dosage levels are depends on the how much the drug is wearing off the pain.

If needed the doctor would increase the part dose of 50 milligrams each three days to get utmost 200 milligrams per day or 50 milligrams with four times in a day.

If sometimes the person is suffering from the cirrhosis disease, daily dose must not go beyond the 100 milligrams in a 24 hour time period. If a person is suffering from the kidney diseases the daily dose of Tramadol would not go beyond 200 milligrams. For older people who above 75 years of age should not take above 200 milligrams.

Do not chew, crush the Tramadol pill. Swallow it whole with the glass of water. You can buy Tramadol 100mg or Tramadol 50mg from our store at the very cheaper price.

Tramadol Side Effects

By using the Tramadol medication for the long-term use would cause the undesirable side effects. Those side effects might have varied most of the time.

–    Tolerance: As stated the drug would have the function of the modifying the brain chemistry and there is a possibility of the developing the tolerance.

–    Cognitive decline: Most of the opioid drugs which are related to the cognitive disorder and slower to the response times. Simple tasks would be complicated with continuing with this drug.

–    Physical dependence: Along with the tolerance, many users have the drug experience of physical addiction once they use it for the longer span of time. When a dependent person stops taking this drug would result in the withdrawal condition.

Other Tramadol side effects include:

  • – Seizures
  • – Signs of serotonin syndrome
  • – Agitation, nausea, fever
  • – Muscle stiffness, lack of coordination
  • – Loss of perception
  • – Trouble breathing
  • – Chest pain
  • – Extreme drowsiness
  • – Rapid heartbeat
  • – Fainting
  • – Swelling of tongue, face, throat, or extremities
  • – Severe rash
  • – Thoughts of suicide
  • – Hallucinations
  • – Sleepiness
  • – Itching
  • – Vomiting
  • – Sweating
  • – Feeling agitated, high or nervous
  • – Dry mouth
  • – Indigestion
  • – Diarrhea
  • – Tremor
  • – Sleeplessness
  • – Loss of appetite

Tramadol user experience

Tramadol is used to treat the sensation of moderate to serious pain, nerve pain and also coughing. This is also been utilizing in patients with hypersensitivity to other types of painkillers that out of it or if an alternative pain therapy is contraindicated. This Tramadol drug would have the tendency of blocking the pain transmission signals that sent through the brain nerves.

Because of its efficiency and reliability in treating various kinds of pain, many people are starting to use this drug. So below are few testimonials from Tramadol users who acquired relief from taking the medication.

“Tramadol is one of the best medications for treating the pain. I have suffered from back pain for almost two months. So, I have decided to meet my doctor in person and he suggested me to take this Tramadol drug. I take Tramadol 100 on a daily basis for few weeks after that I experience a significant effect. As said this is indeed to be a good and effective drug for back pain and also pain sensations.” – William White (USA)

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