Product and Shipping information

  • The tramadol medications are not sent from one particular location but from the various US, locations to enhance faster delivery to our customers.
  • The delivery process is completely domestic and we do not ship our medications to international locations.
  • Once your order is placed after a successful transaction through one of the payment methods, your medication will be dispatched right away.
  • Once the shipment is dispatched, please be ready to track your order with the tracking information we mail you to your email address.
  • Any delivery to non-USA addresses might take more than 7 days and less than 10 days to ship the Tramadol medication from overseas locations. We do not really involve any custom procedures in the process.
  • Your medication will be delivered in a discrete way in completely sealed packages. Signature is not mandatory to receive the package.

Estimated time for Delivery

We usually work on the orders throughout the week only from Monday to Friday. Also, your orders will be shipped right away if it is placed on the same day during the window of our working hours. However, we will be available for queries during the weekend.

 USA Express Delivery in 2 to 4 days maximum

With this service, we tend to ship your products or send them for dispatch on the very same day if the order has been accepted between our working hours. The delivery of the package might take 3 to 4 days at the maximum once the order has been placed successfully.

USA Overnight Delivery in one-day maximum

Through this delivery service, you are liable to receive your product in one or two days if the order has been placed during our working hours. We usually dispatch your package on the same under these circumstances. You might also receive our medication within 24 hours and this can be guaranteed if your order is placed in the morning for quick processing.

Package details

We have a successful delivery record of dispatching all our orders to the respective locations at 99%. We can assure you safety since your packages will be delivered securely in a discrete way.

Payment options

At the moment, we process payments through Credit Cards, be it MasterCard or VISA, both are accepted.

Ordering Process information

  • A valid phone number and email address is some important information we might need from you when you place your order with us. So, make sure to provide authentic details of the same. We might call you to verify your order once you are done placing it.
  • You will be able to contact us directly through email and phone once you are done with the ordering process.